Friday, 29 June 2007

The "Beatles": Album File and Complete Discography

Jeff Russell, "The Beatles: Album File and Complete Discography", Blandford, Poole Dorset, 1982 [paperback]

Something I've had seemingly forever, helps me to keep track of a certain Beatles song if I've forgotten where I can find it. In a sense my 1982 version has been made obsolete by the release of all the "Anthology" and BBC' albums, but as a general guide it's fantastic. But apparently it's been updated.

"Fully revised and updated edition of the directory of the Beatles' recorded work, from 1961 to the present. It was acclaimed upon first publication as the only book to list the complete recordings and to give full background details and complete musical credits. Featuring album sleeves, CD and tape inserts Illustrated in full. The Beatles were the biggest phenomenon the world of music has ever known. Their music brings joy and excitement to millions of people world wide, and never before or since has so much been said or written about any recording artists. So what's left? What's left is what the Beatles were all about - their music and in particular, their records. The Beatles: Album File and Complete Discography is packed with information relating to every song the Beatles officially released on record, the titles of both albums and individual tracks, release dates, composer credits, timings and comments on each track with details of who plays and sings what, together with odd bits and pieces of information to interest the fan.
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