Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Mal's Songs and Demos

UPDATED: 28 January 2009

NB. If you would like to download and save a copy of any of these songs (silly you! lol), simply click on the actual link, and click on "Download Original" on the right in the new window.


There's four new band demos online now as well. Check them out here.


Eight short (less than one minute each) pieces of fun, silly, spontaneous music for my kids. 28 January 2009


"If You Gotta Go, Go Now" (Dylan)
Very ruff demo only for fun. Spot all the references! hahahahaa.
16 July 2008
mp3 file: 3.00 MB
Length: 3' 11"


"Sounds Of Now" (Alex MacDonald)
Home demo by Mal, for Box of Sox
11 July 2008
mp3 file: 2.01 MB
Length: 2' 12"


"Fantasy" - (Alex MacDonald)
Really ruff, quick, one-take home demo only, all live, fluffs-and-all, purely for spontaneous fun.
9 July 2008
mp3 file: 2.91 MB
Length: 3' 11"


"Acid Visions" (Alex MacDonald) - ruff home demo, purely for fun.
4th July 2008
mp3 file: 2.04 MB
Time: 2' 13"


"Maggie's Farm"
(Dylan) - ruff home demo for fun, late June 2008.
mp3 file: 4.3 MB
Length: 4' 42"


"Absolutely Sweet Marie" (Dylan) - ruff home demo for fun. 3 July 2008.
mp3 file: 3.41 MB
Time: 3' 43"


(Alexander MacDonald) - ruff home demo for fun, 4 July 2008
mp3 file: 2.25 MB
Time: 2' 27"


Or, if you can't see/hear that, here is the link to the sound file:

"Green River" - CCR, Box of Sox, live rehearsal, c. March 2008. (Edited version)
Mal on Vocals & bass guitar.
MP3 file: 3.34 MB
Length: 3' 38"


"5th March 2008" is a ruff song idea/sketch without any lyrics (as of yet)

"Song004" is just a ruff idea I quickly recorded, while I had this concept floating about in my head. It's nothing exceptional for sure. Early Feb '08

"Helen" idea, remix, early February 2008 - still warts and all, and still trying to get the hang of using "the Thing".

VERY ruff first mix of an experiment, "Helen", warts-n-all, early Feb '08.

Drum Loop/Break sample No. 2

Drum Loop/Break sample No. 1

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